About Us

Before you read on too much further, we want you to take just a moment…even close your eyes if it helps you get centered…and think of four or five words that you want to describe your event.

Really dig down deep and think of the emotions and sentiment you want your guests to walk away with.

Ready? …Okay, what are those words?

Fun, memorable, surprising, over the top, sensory, intimate, inspiring, one-of-a-kind, joyous, heartfelt, visually stunning…

Whatever words you picked, they are what we have specialized in for over two decades.

We understand that events aren’t just gatherings; they are the perfect opportunity to dazzle, delight, and celebrate life’s milestones with the important people in your life. We want to uncover the story of your event, and take all of your ideas and transform them into a memorable and evocative event experience.

Whether it is custom décor, event management or production, Unlimited Events brings the skills, creativity and experience needed to each event. The Unlimited Events difference is that we specialize in specialization. We do what other event companies don’t have the resources or experience to provide.

  • Custom furniture, accessories, and fabrics
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Branded collateral and custom graphics
  • Vendor negotiation and supervision
  • Custom décor, set and scenic styling
  • Event budget development and management
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Entertainment booking, relations and coordination
  • On-site staffing
  • Concept development and branding strategy

We pride ourselves on making your visions a reality, which is why we’ve been creating “Unlimited Possibilities” since 1989!

Call 937-291-3337 to schedule a free consultation where we can discover and start planning your event story.